Of Swords and Magic: History, Myth and the Continuation of Arthurian Legend

Of Swords and Magic: History, Myth and the Continuation of Arthurian Legend

Welcome to your newest source of Arthuriana!

The stories of King Arthur give us a sense of hope; they give us adventure, inspiration, magic and absolute triumph over darkness against all odds. These stories have themes that will always be relevant and lessons that will always be important. That’s why I will never stop analyzing and discussing it. ❤ Welcome to my rambling spot!

Read some blog posts, listen to a podcast episode, buy some tea, check out some inspiration boards…step back into a time of swords and magic. Enjoy!

~ LJ

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Valentine’s Day: Arthurian Edition

(Listen to this post as a podcast episode here.) Happy Valentine’s Day! The day of love is here and there are plenty of ways to celebrate it with an Arthurian flare! And just to clarify: Valentine’s Day may be popular among lovers but I’ve always loved it simply because it’s a day about love, in…

Arthurian Adventure Destinations, Part 2: South Wales

[To hear this post as a podcast episode, click here!] Greetings, lords and ladies! And happy holidays! Apologies for the lack of posts lately– things have been super busy but I plan on making more time for these posts! I missed this blog dearly. ❤ Since last I wrote, things have finally opened again and…

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks: Arthurian Edition

(Listen to this blog post as a podcast episode here.) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I want to preface this by saying I’m not at all much of a drinker– and am also one of those people who celebrates today for Irish heritage and not so much for the idea of getting drunk. That said. We…

Activities for International Women’s Day: Arthurian Edition

Happy International Women’s Day! Arthurian Legend has a good deal of phenomenal women in it, does it not? I thought about this last night and compiled a list of fun activities to do in honor of Women’s Day (and all month!) inspired by some of the women of the Legend. ❤ Let’s get to celebrating!…

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