Of Swords and Magic: History, Myth and the Continuation of Arthurian Legend

Of Swords and Magic: History, Myth and the Continuation of Arthurian Legend

Welcome to your newest source of Arthuriana!

The stories of King Arthur give us a sense of hope; they give us adventure, inspiration, magic and absolute triumph over darkness against all odds. These stories have themes that will always be relevant and lessons that will always be important. That’s why I will never stop analyzing and discussing it. ❤ Welcome to my rambling spot!

Read some blog posts, listen to a podcast episode, buy some tea, check out some inspiration boards…step back into a time of swords and magic. Enjoy!

~ LJ

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  1. bashawrebermichelle@ymail.com There is a website by Christine Okeef who tracks the iconic members of the Tuatha De Dannan, Arthurian legend,…

Arthurian Tea Collection

Listen to this post as a podcast episode here! It’s here! Many of you already know about the collection of loose leaf teas I’ve been selling on Etsy. For those who don’t: Of Swords and Magic officially has a tea collection! It’s available here but I figured I’d share a quick little bit about eachContinue reading “Arthurian Tea Collection”

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