“Come and be Welcome.”

Welcome one, welcome all.

“With the opening of any Arthurian book begins a new adventure!”

~ Helen Borrello, Professor of Arthurian Literature (my college professor!)

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Why Arthurian legend?

Arthurian legend is an entire world in itself.

Little kids really do still play “pretend”, pretending to be a cool king who pulls a sword out of a stone. Or a badass wizard with amazing powers. Students study the literature in school. Historians delve into ancient manuscripts and Romano-British excavations to find any clue to a real Arthur. Fantasy authors pour out novels every year of a fascinating new retelling of the legend. New movies and fantasy TV series are booming now more than ever, with subtle ties to Arthuriana. Shakespeare even drew inspiration from a few of the tales. Hell, even “Sonic the Hedgehog” has a video game based on the Knights of the Round Table.

Arthurian legend is not dead. It is alive now more than ever. Perhaps it’s because we, as a society, need it now more than ever. We need stories of justice; of righting the wrongs of greedy kings and granting mercy even to those who don’t always deserve it, so that they may learn and live more wholesome lives. Stories of true, honest to goodness chivalry, where heroic knights treat women with an almost incomprehensible respect. Where women make the most of their situations and find their way to freedom, vocality and happiness in a world where such things were rare to come by. Stories of danger and adventure, of bravery and sacrifice, of love and wisdom and victory against all odds. Stories of magic.

Thus, I’ve decided to start an Arthurian blog!! *cough* *finally* I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, if only to get some topics off my chest that keep me awake at night. Everything from ancient texts, to more recent books, to movies, travel, to discussions about romance, revenge, portrayal and adaptation… The list goes on! So if you think you might be interested, I’d be honored if you’d be so kind as to give this page a follow! (I’d be eternally grateful. Having these sort of conversations with oneself only goes so far.)

I’m an actor, fantasy writer, studier of medieval British history and culture, and an overall Arthurian fanatic. So I hope to keep these posts interesting, and while I by no means call myself anywhere near an expert, I pledge to at least remain mildly entertaining. 🙂

For more, follow my Arthurian podcast, “Of Swords and Magic”, on SoundCloud or Podomatic, and follow me on Instagram @ofswordsandmagic.podcast for more updates! More posts to come soon! Until then, brush up your Arthuriana…there’s a lot of legend out there!

~LJ Bertini

Published by arthuriananerd

Arthurian enthusiast, podcaster of "Of Swords and Magic". Writer, actor, tea-fanatic, kitchen witch. Instagram: @ofswordsandmagic.podcast or @lj_bertini

7 thoughts on ““Come and be Welcome.”

  1. If the blog is anything like the introduction, it will be very entertaining to a novice like me. Looking forward to a fun education!….D.A.

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  2. bashawrebermichelle@ymail.com
    There is a website by Christine Okeef who tracks the iconic members of the Tuatha De Dannan, Arthurian legend, makes associations you’re looking for. As far as I know she hasn’t put out a podcast, and is well researched. I would look into this artist and historical researcher

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