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It’s here! Many of you already know about the collection of loose leaf teas I’ve been selling on Etsy. For those who don’t: Of Swords and Magic officially has a tea collection! It’s available here but I figured I’d share a quick little bit about each of the blends on the blog. Each one is inspired by an Arthurian character, using a variety of black teas, herbs and spices, and prepared by myself in a fully sanitized and safe workspace. There are several blends to choose from…and a new one that may be a surprise at the end of this post!

Here are the blends!

King Arthur’s Tea

King Arthur, lead figure of a legend that dates back at least 1,500 years, needs a tea that recognizes the Legend’s durability. Something robust and a bit earthy, that takes you right back to Arthur’s Hall in the midst of a cold winter’s night. I like to think this blend does exactly that, with a blend of Ceylon and Assam teas, rubbed sage and whole cloves to transport you into a 5th century December. Earthy but sweet, this tea will arouse you enough for your day’s royal duties, while simultaneously resembling Arthur’s warmth and giving nature. Dress it the way you normally a black tea. (I use honey and cream.) Steep for 3-5 minutes, or to taste. 🙂

Merlin’s Tea

When I think of this blend, I always picture Merlin sitting peacefully in his chamber at night or in a forest cottage, sipping on a cup of tea in midnight shadows, listening to the earth breathe slowly and seeking wisdom from the moon. This blend tries to recreate that atmosphere. A blend of black bergamot tea, lavender and mint leaves– both herbs and flowers that he would have used in his practice– this sorcerer’s cup is soothing and cleansing for the soul. Brew it with some cream for a nighttime cup, or drink it iced for a refreshing afternoon drink. Steep for 3-5 minutes, or to taste.

Queen Guinevere’s Tea

We all know Guinevere is associated with roses and gardens. What better tea for her than a floral tea? Chamomile, rose buds, rose petals, and French lavender all blend together to make an herbal cup perfect for strolling through royal Camelot gardens. Drink it during the day for a calming afternoon, or at night to encourage good sleep and lovely dreams. Steep it for a good 5-7 minutes for its full strength. And add a drop of cream to its rosy-gold hue for a silky, dreamy cuppa. ❤

Sir Lancelot’s Tea

Sir Lancelot, the noble French knight, has a tea that embodies his famous politeness and irresistible charm. Black bergamot tea is blended with full rose petals and subtle lemongrass to create a calming, aromatic cup that will sweep you off your feet. Add some ice for a yummy, floral iced drink in the afternoons, or drink it hot in the morning for a smooth, satisfying wake-up. Steep for 3-5 minutes, or to taste.

Sir Gawain’s Tea

Another great morning tea, this one is both brisk and spicy-sweet. Representing the sturdy, Scottish knight, bold Scottish black tea is blended with spicy ginger and sweet cocoa nibs to give you a yummy wakeup– like a little nudge from Gringolet. 🙂 My personal favorite, I find this one delicious with a spoonful of honey and a dash of cream. A great cup for a nippy, winter’s day. Steep 4 minutes, or to taste.

Sir Percival’s Tea

Sir Percival may be a sharp-skilled knight– but part of him will always remain in his sweet, childhood forest. This Welsh knight has a flavorful tea that brings you back to simpler times. Sri Lankan black bergamot tea is blended with vanilla, cornflowers, whole cloves and lemon verbena to create a bright, summery cup perfect for a day of fun. Drink it warm and pair it with a yummy dessert, or drink it iced and take it with you on an adventure. 🙂 Steep for 4 minutes, or to taste.

Morgan le Fey’s Tea

Last but not least…ta-da! Morgan’s tea is now available! The great sorceress and priestess of Avalon deserves a tea that embodies a touch of her magic. An invigorating cup of bold Assam is blended with dried apple bits and peels, subtle wild blackberry leaves and a touch of cinnamon, to lure you beyond the bliss of Avalon’s veil. Perfect for a chilly autumn day, or while brewing your spells in the woods of Britain. I’ll be drinking some on Halloween night…I hope you will, too!

You can find all of these teas here. Take your pick and heat up your kettle! There’s more to come! ❤

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